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15 okt- 7 nov 2020, SKF Eldhunden

Where Did the Head Go, Parler Au Soleil

“Already upon entrance, the visitor is met by two large-scale installations which set the tone for the entire exhibition. Ulrika Gunnarsdotter’s Where Did the Head Go, Parler Au Soleil and Anna Ridderstad’s Eruption. The former consists of a chair on which rests a man’s blazer, while on the wall hang three curtains which appear like skirts. The visitor is resorted to having to bend down in order to get inside, under the “skirts”, to see the three loops of a video. Curtains through which daylight and sun simmer through are seen, as well as the contours of a man on the balcony outside. At the bottom-end of the image; on a bed, the toes of a woman appear in view. What rapport to these two figures share? The man will remain a mystical shadow; an elusive object. The woman lies by herself, watching and contemplating. The scene is devoid of any express communication between the two. The interaction has alread been had and they now are pinned to their own respective “rooms” and their own thoughts. Image and sound too seem struck by dissonance as what is seen is marked by the understated and sheerness while the sound trebbles, is vibrant and “exotic”. The title of the work alludes to the man’s head which somtimes disappears away from the sun, but also suggests that the woman has travsered her own comfort zone, doing something that she will not be held accountable for.”

Emil Bertz

Photo: Corina Wahlin


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