Absolute Affirmation at GELB

Easy Come, Easy Go (2019)

About Ulrika Gunnarsdotter’s work ‘Easy Come, Easy Go’ (2019), an inflatable fan-driven clothed sculpture, in C-print’s ongoing exhibition ‘Absolute Affirmation’ at GELB, it can be said to depart from cultural and aesthetical standards in clothing that dictate the conditions of entering and “habituating” rooms. How have you per tradition needed to dress to disalarm any whim of perceived menace about you from the world around, and who whilst generalizing, enjoys the privilege of moving around incognito this way? The white-collared white office male shoots to mind. The sculpture humorously illustrates on a subsequent thought as well, in the wake of recent global movements, the fate of this “basic” white office “male”. If the future is female, perhaps this figure is slowly facing its epic demise and fall…literally speaking. /C-print

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