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Cooperation with Charlotte Enström, installation view. Vällingby Centrum, Stockholm.

Absolute Affirmation at GELB


Easy Come, Easy Go (2019)

About Ulrika Gunnarsdotter’s work ‘Easy Come, Easy Go’ (2019), an inflatable fan-driven clothed sculpture, in C-print’s ongoing exhibition ‘Absolute Affirmation’ at GELB, it can be said to depart from cultural and aesthetical standards in clothing that dictate the conditions of entering and “habituating” rooms. How have you per tradition needed to dress to disalarm any whim of perceived menace about you from the world around, and who whilst generalizing, enjoys the privilege of moving around incognito this way? The white-collared white office male shoots to mind. The sculpture humorously illustrates on a subsequent thought as well, in the wake of recent global movements, the fate of this “basic” white office “male”. If the future is female, perhaps this figure is slowly facing its epic demise and fall…literally speaking. /C-print

Stockholm Design Week 2019


C-Print is teaming up with Swedish interior design house Layered to present a display of artworks during the upcoming edition of Stockholm Design Week 2019 in their showroom on Engelbrektsgatan 21.
One of the participating artists is Royal Institute of Art (Stockholm) grad Ulrika Gunnarsdotter who will present an intermedia installative work (work in progress as we speak) that departs from a found Donna Karan jacket in the sand on the beach. The interest in the finding lies partially in its consumerist stature, in light of the brand iconography.
The work has involved a replicating process in which Ulrika creates a derivative version of the jacket using cheaper materials. The two jackets in its final juxtaposed installing at Layered will create a dialogue and offer a comment on fast-disposable consumer habits and realities about sustainability matters affecting present day. Our project with Layered marks the first part of a curatorial residency we are doing at GELB this year. Ulrika Gunnarsdotter has previously exhibited at Tensta Konsthall, Arkitekturmuseet, Botkyrka Konsthall and Centre Culturel Suédois in Paris.

Detail of label in jacket.

Design of replica.

Heart beat in jacket. Part of installation, Dual Action (2019).



Pygostylia – ett fågelperspektiv. 25 april kl 19.30, 26 april kl 16 på Fylkingen.

Pygostylia är en konstmusik/mode/filmkonsert i två akter om fåglar men utan fågelsång.
Om mötet mellan människa och fågel i Jöns Mellgrens kortfilm, om fåglars närvaro i vår stadsmiljö och människans påverkan på sjöfåglars livsmiljö i Ida Lundéns försök att göra musik av strandat plastskräp, om Ulrika Gunnarsdotters undersökning av pygostylen som modedetalj.

Pygostylia är ett samlingsnamn för fåglar där sista ryggkotan är sammanväxt.

Medverkar förutom Ida, Jöns och Ulrika gör:
Patrik Bogårdh ljusdesign, Lise-Lotte Norelius ljud
Fyra medspelare: Fredde Thurfjell, Carin Blom, Per Lenner, Charlotta Simonsson

Bakom kulisserna:
Katarina Eriksson dans (i Jöns film), Tomas Jönsson grafisk form, Sten-Olof Hellström instrumentutveckling, Oskar Idin filmfotograf, Niki Lindroth von Bahr attributmakeri, Didrik Zebaot Thurfjell kamera-assistent, Annica Sandh PR-konsult, Bitte Palm skräddare.

Med stöd från Statens musikverk .