The Heat Is On

Workshop at Tensta Konsthall 2008/11/19 about the new director William Easton. The result is to be seen in the short film “The Heat Is On” – a remake of the Beverly Hill Cops Intro.

Idea: The intro from Beverly Hills Cop is recreated with Tensta Konsthall as backdrop
Creator: Ulrika Gunnarsdotter
Time: Wednesday November 19the, 2008, 7 am – 8 pm
Place: Tensta Konsthall
Photo: Daniel Buckard
B-Photo: Jesper Gimling Shaftoe
Assisting Director: Niklas Holmgren
Music: The Heat Is On, Bonjour tristesse
Exhibit: Youtube, Tensta Konsthall
Camera: Sony EX3, courtesy of 247
Lights: courtesy of Dagsljus
Cut: Oscar Willey

Tensta Konsthall has over the years raised some attention not only through its exhibitions but also due to its dramatic leadership changes. I am invited by the art centre to arrange an activity on Wednesday, November the 19th. I decided to focus fully on the newly appointed head, William Easton. The intro to Beverly Hills Cop is an environment description of 1980s L.A. My intro depicts the current environment surrounding the art centre. Staff and visitors are all extras on the set. Instead of Eddie Murphy, William Easton appears on screen right at the moment when the film moves on and the plot unfolds. The 2,30 minute long film becomes a time document of where Tensta Konsthall is at, in fall of 2008. A leadership change involves other changes and the art centre is in apparent transformation. The expectations are widespread as the boss is cooking up plans. The Heat Is On.

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