The New Folk Costume

2008. Zoran, Minja and Brankica in their new folk costumes. Photo Jenny Källman

In the collaborative project “The New Folk Costume” costume designer Magdalena Klasnja (Belgrade) and artist Ulrika Gunnarsdotter (Stockholm) will produce three fashion outfits together. The models, people from the former Republic of Yugoslavia who are now Swedish citizens, are themselves the main source of reference for these
outfits. Their individual stories and history will function as a starting point, or guide, from which individual garments will be made, investigating concepts of old and new identity, combined with feelings connected to these. Based on this, each of the two artists will choose a colour to work with during a period of seven days. The process and outcome will be documented through a fashion shoot with the models outdoors, and put in a book that will be launched in 2009.

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