Performance, Botkyrka konsthall




Saturday, November 27

Botkyrka konsthall celebrates Labyrint Press latest releases of both performance and sound works by artists Ulrika Gunnarsdotter and Marja-leena Sillanpää.

Come and take part in the premiere of two new site-specific works which are the seeds of a continuing artistic work.

In nine votes, the sound design of Marja-leena Sillanpää artist’s book nine milestones, read different lines from the text by different female voices. A special edition of the text are available at a promotional price during the event.

Ulrika Gunnarsdotter’s artist’s book ” It Is Swedish Perfect ” was published by Labyrint Press, 2009 and depicts the efforts to create new, individual costumes for Swedes with roots in the former Yugoslavia. The New Folk Costume is a performance featured by the actor Franciska Löfgren.

Show & Sell


“It is Swedish Perfect”, Labyrint Press at Show & Sell. Konst & Teknik has invited fellow Swedish designers and publishers to contribute ‘left over’ books and publications, to a one day temporary book store in Stockholm, titled Show & Sell.

When: Saturday August 28, 2010, 12:00–20:00
Where: Rutger Fuchsgatan 9, 11667 Stockholm, Sweden

Swedish Embassy


Collective reading at The Swedish Embassy
Collective reading of ” It Is Swedish Perfect” at The Swedish Embassy in London, 17 June 2010. Curated by Niklas Laustiola.

For the third and last term of my first year on the MFA Fine Art course at Goldsmiths College, London. We were given the task of using the concept of curation; used in the broadest of terms, to produce a creative ”exhibit” or presentation of our own or someone else´s work. I decided to work with the theme, that I liked to call, ”Lost in Translation”, about the quite general, but always relevant notion of the clash/meeting of different cultures. In relation to this theme I immidiately thought of Ulrika Gunnarsdotter’s piece from 2009 ”It is Swedish perfect”, a 24-day art project, where she and Serbian designer Magdalena Klasnja collaborated to make new folk costumes for three former Yugoslavians now living in Sweden. ”It is Swedish perfect” consists of a book with correspondence, notes, interviews and photographs and deals with the reality of collaboration, the trials and tribulations of creative process most importantly it deals with the question of identity, mainly in regards to national/cultural identity. For my curated presentation seminar I therefore thought that it would be fun for my group to make a journey onto Swedish soil i.e. The Swedish Embassy in London. Where we would have a collective reading, in silence, of Ulrika´s book. We would simply ”travel” to Sweden , ”view” a piecee of art by a Swedish artist and then return. It would be a shared action but everyone around the table would naturally have a completely different experience. An important aspect of the curation was also to have a Swedish ”fika” with kanelbullar (cinnamon buns) afterwards.

Niklas Laustiola, London, 22 June 2010.

Writings and Observations


Writings and Observations, 7 Nov- 13 March 2010, >Botkyrka Konsthall
Participating in Writings and Observations an exhibition focuses on writing as a way to influence history and how we view the world. Unusual variety of artist’s books is presented, but also text and audio art works which relate to writing.

Fashionwalk Stockholm


Fashionwalk Stockholm
Exhibition produced by Fashionplay at Stationshuset, Norra Bantorget in Stockholm.
29th – 30th of August 2009. >Fashionplay

Fashionwalk Stockholm presents a new generation of fashioncreators who work in the borderlands between fashion and art. The aim of the exhibition and the walk is to bring to attention those designers and artists who don’t work with traditional collections but who rather focus on the artistic process. All this in shape of an installation, avant garde-clothing, sculpture, video, and experiments in form.

Book Launch


Book launch for “It is Swedish Perfect” by Ulrika Gunnarsdotter, Labyrint Press. Time: Saturday, August 29:th, 2009. 3:00pm Place: “Kyrkan”, Idungatan 4B, Stockholm. Drink: Ward Wines. Music: The New Age. DJ: Anders Svensson. Guest: Magdalena Klasnja. Host: Friendly Matters



Alter/Mode: A world in between: fashion beyond clothes
Seminar: Fashion beyond clothes

Lördag, 30 May, 2009
10:00 –18:00
Language: Swedish
Entrance: 50 kr

Participating lecturers: Tomas Rajnai, Andrea Ayala Closa, Bogomir Doringer, Ingrid Giertz Mårtensson, Jelena Rundqvist, Ninna Berger, Sofia Hedman, Camilla Larsson, Ulrika Gunnarsdotter, Gustaf Von Arbin, Ida Sjöstedt, Magnus Ericksson, Sarah Törnkvist, Richard Julin > Alter/Mode

Movie Night


Welcome to a movie night Wednesday January 28:th 2009, 5-7 pm at Tensta Konsthall, and watch the result from two of the Wednesday special workshop:
The Heat Is on under the leading of artist Ulrika Gunnarsdotter

Workshop at Tensta Konsthall


Workshop at Tensta Konsthall November 19:th 2008. Please join the remake of The Beverly Hills Cop intro. Time 5pm- 7pm.>Tensta Konsthall

The New Folk Costume


Temporary workplace for Magdalena Klasnja and Ulrika Gunnarsdotter.
17-24:th of October 2008 at Bim Café, Karlbergsvägen 43, Stockholm.

The New Folk Costume
Project description

In the collaborative project “The New Folk Costume” costume designer
Magdalena Klasnja (Belgrade) and artist Ulrika Gunnarsdotter
(Stockholm) will produce three fashion outfits together. The models,
people from the former Republic of Yugoslavia who are now Swedish
citizens, are themselves the main source of reference for these
outfits. Their individual stories and history will function as a
starting point, or guide, from which individual garments will be made,
investigating concepts of old and new identity, combined with feelings
connected to these. Based on this, each of the two artists will choose
a colour to work with during a period of seven days. The process and
outcome will be documented through a fashion shoot with the models
outdoors, and put in a book that will be launched in 2009.